Seminar about the Spanish translation of “The Wealth of Networks”

Javier de la Cueva
Tags: Eventos.

Last 1st July 2010 we held a seminar in Madrid Medialab-Prado with the assistance of Professor Yochai Benkler where we analyzed Benkler’s book, with the help of the author and Professor Florencio Cabello, who leads Spanish collaborative translation of The Wealth of Networks.

There were also other activities showing practical examples on how we are using the nets in Spain. I explained how we are copyfighting in our country, why we obtained the first resolution in the world mentioning the term Copyleft, why we lead the number of resolutions related to Creative Commons and why criminal charges of an analogue case of Pirate Bay, case Sharemula, have been dismissed definitely in Spain.

You can reach the presentation «Law practice as a net practice» I used in my exposition. It includes links to all cases and projects I detailed in the speech.