We need urgently those 115 cables tagged KIPR Madrid Embassy (updated)

Javier de la Cueva
Tags: Ley Sinde.

I was kindly invited yesterday by Spanish newspaper El País to participate in a digital debate, “Transparency versus security” (only in Spanish), where I asked when would we be able to access to the content of 115 cables tagged KIPR Madrid Embassy (link to Google fusion tables).

The answer from Gabriela Cañas, journalist at El País, was to be patient, as they are processing the information (link to conversation thread). Problem is we have no time, as Spanish government and under USA’s pressure is passing a law in parliament ruling that judges no longer will have competences about intellectual property digital infringements, being reserved these competences to a special commission of the Ministry of Culture.

Does El País have the content of those 115 cables? If it does, will it wait for publishing until Spanish law is approved?

Will newspapers behave as the Governments they criticize?

Do we need a Wikileaks leak?

(So, if you have the information and care about Internet freedom in Spain, please publish the cables. Or leak them).

Update 2010-12-02 16:56 CET: I receive a call from El País confirming me the information will be published in due time. Thank you all for your help, and a very special thank you to Cory Doctorow.

Update 2010-12-03 18:44 CET: Tweet from Javier Moreno Barber, Director of El País, stating publication of the cables tonight from 22:00 hours on: «EL PAÍS publica esta noche en la web las presiones de la Embajada a favor de una legislación contra las descargas #Wikileaks #cablegate»

Update 2010-12-03 23:09 CET: El País begins to publish cables.